Hippocrates once said, “Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food” and it seems like Greek people have been following his philosophy faithfully even from the ancient years.

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Pine honey

Etiam convallis, felis quis dapibus dictum, libero mauris luctus nunc, non
fringilla purus ligula non justo. Non fringilla purus ligula justo.

Pine honey

With special perfume, it is what has the most nutrients when compared to the rest, thanks to the many trace elements and minerals it contains. 65-70% of Greek production is pine! To produce cooperates bee and Marchalina Hellenica (honey-producing granular, which coexist harmoniously with pine). Pine honey has low sugar content, than average honey. Produced in April and from August to November.

Available packaging:

Glass jar 250gr, 450gr, 950gr