Hippocrates once said, “Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food” and it seems like Greek people have been following his philosophy faithfully even from the ancient years.

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White Balsamic with Hot Chilli

Etiam convallis, felis quis dapibus dictum, libero mauris luctus nunc, non
fringilla purus ligula non justo. Non fringilla purus ligula justo.

White Balsamic with Hot Chilli

The flavor of the balsamic and the flavor of the chili are perfectly married. The balsamic creme with hot chili has rich, creamy texture with an extra spicy note to deliciously accompany any meal. Its delicious brushed on meats before cooking, or drizzled over salads and even fruit salads and ice cream.

Available packaging:

Pet bottle 250ml